Rhodocrosite from Argentina
Sterling Fine Silver Matching Pair
Item #RHO SET1


To help you see how a group of various items can be put together to make a unique matching set, we are showing a group of Rhodochrosite Gemstones in a ring and Pendant as a set.

This Pink Rhodochrosite Pendant and Ring are unusual in the patterns in each item. They would make a very unusual and definitely one of a kind set that can never be duplicated. The Rhodochrosite gemstones were cut and polished by hand in Reno Nevada USA. They were then given custom silver on the sides and back. Rhodochrosite is the State Stone of Colorado. >/p>

The details on each item can be found under their respective categories using the part numbers referred to beneath the picture.

These gemstone items can be purchased as a complete set, or individually. If you wish to purchase these items as a set, a 10% discount may be taken when you check out. If you buy 2 gemstone items of any kind at the same time, you may also take a 10% discount.

We have a show coming up next weekend 8/8/20. If you see something you like before the public sees it, buy it now, before it disappears. Discount applies if you buy two items valued over $50.00 Each!