Marcia Baldwin is the sole creator and finisher of all products offered. She enjoys making items that show off the natural beauties of nature. She has created beautiful pendants, rings, bolos or necklace sets. She and her husband mine for special stones, such as turquoise or opals, in Nevada or other areas. Other stones she finds will also be made into beautiful jewelry. The rocks are cut, polished and completed by hand. Her high quality jewelry emphasizes the natural shape and colors of each stone.

As Silver is also a product of Nevada, this is the preferred metal used to complete all stones.

Marcia enjoys taking her creative abilities to making beautiful unique necklace sets as well. She locates highest quality natural gemstones so the sets have a beauty all their own. Some are even one of a kind. Many necklace sets include bracelet and earrings. She is continually looking for unique stones to create unique styles as well. Earrings can also be purchased separately.

When a wedding or other special event is going to take place she has been able to create items for the bride, guests, ushers or others often following a particular color theme or wish..

The photos of each item tries to show the stone as it actually is in the setting, from different angles and often with a different color background. The use of coins next to the item gives a good idea of the actual size of the ring for pendant, for example.