Marcia Baldwin is the sole creator of all products offered. She enjoys making items that show off the natural beauties of nature.

Every item she makes is unique and one of a kind. By using the natural shapes of the stones she has mined or cut and polished, she has created beautiful pendants, rings, and bolos.

Once a stone has been polished, she puts Sterling or Fine Silver on the sides and back to bring out the beauty of each stone. As Silver is a product of Nevada, this is the metal used to complete the beautiful real and natural stones.

Marcia also makes beautiful and unique necklace sets. She locates highest quality natural gemstones to produce beautiful jewelry. Some necklaces are one of a kind and others may be duplicated to be given as gifts or used in weddings or other special occasions to carry out a theme or color. Some necklace sets include bracelet and earrings. Beautiful earrings can also be purchased separately.