Marcia Baldwin is the sole creator and finisher of all products offered. She has always been a "rock hound" and has found a way others may also enjoy her creativity with stones of all kinds, whether it is a pendant or necklace set. She goes to many mines to find stones, such as turquoise or opals, that can be used to make beautiful jewelry. Some stones are from other parts of the world. She tries to keep all items at the highest level so the person wearing it is proud to show it off. She also likes to talk about the stones and some of their histories, which make it more interesting for everyone.

Once a stone has been selected, it is cut to show the best portions of each piece. After being shaped, following the stones' natural patterns, it is polished to once again accentuate its' natural beauty. Mounting the stones in silver enhances the colors and shape even more. Silver also is a product of Nevada, which is where all the products are created. Silver also gives the stone additional strength while it is being worn. Fine Sterling Silver (.925) is always used on backs and sometimes on the sides. The style of banding, always in Sterling Silver, is selected to bring out the beauty of each stone.

She enjoys creating the necklace sets as well, which are created with the same amount of passion. Only the best of gem materials are used and each one is unique. As an artist, creating special sets using materials that she has not mined, broadens her ability to expose more stones to more persons and lets the creative energies flow toward a beautiful creation.

It is hoped you will enjoy the completed products and know that each piece was created with love of the beauty of natural rocks and what they can look like finished.