Marcia Baldwin is the sole creator and finisher of all products offered. She has turned a hobby into making items that people enjoy by making jewelry from rough stones into beautiful jewelry so others may enjoy the natural beauties of nature. She has been able to create beautiful pendants, rings, bolos or necklace sets. She and her husband have gone to mines to find special stones, such as turquoise or opals, in Nevada or Idaho. Sometimes they will go to a location where certain stones are available, such as petrified wood or fossils. In other cases, as many stones are from other parts of the world, she will locate those she thinks will turn into beautiful jewelry. She will then cut, polish and complete them as beautiful jewelry. Sometimes she will keep a part of the natural stone as it was formed, so the authentication of that stone as being natural can be made. She tries to keep all items at the highest level so the person wearing it is proud to show it off. It really pleases her that so many people who have purchased from her have come back for more and tell about the many compliments they have received for the items they purchased in the past. She also enjoys talking about the stones and some of their histories. This gives each item a special meaning to the person wearing it.

Once a stone has been selected, it is determined where the best color or statement of each stone can be found. After being cut, it is shaped and polished to bring out the best of it. The shape is determined by the natural formation of each stone. In most cases, after the stone has been completed, sterling or fine silver (.926) are placed around the stone to either enhance it's natural beauty or give it additional strength. As Silver is also a product of Nevada, this is the preferred metal for all the stones. The style of silver for the sides is selected to bring out the beauty of each stone. Every item created is done with the hope of making a beautiful finished piece of jewelry that the owner will be proud to wear.

Marcia enjoys taking her creative abilities to making unique necklace sets as well. She looks for the highest quality stones she can find and by putting them together, they come out beautiful and one of a kind. By locating and using unique stones she is able to mix differing or similar stones, add a special item and create a unique look for each set. Usually the necklace sets include bracelets and earrings, but sometimes she has discovered some people only want necklaces and no bracelets, or they want longer or double necklace sets. She is continually looking for unique stones to include these styles as well. Earrings are also made with a look to be one of a kind and can also be purchased separately.

It has also been requested she supply wedding couples with items to give their bridesmaids or ushers or other participants. When a request comes in, she will try to help them as much as possible have the perfect gift for their wedding.

It is hoped you will enjoy the completed products and know that each item of jewelry was created with love of the beauty of natural rocks and how beautiful they become when finished.