Rings are created with a variety of stones from around the world. The turquoise is from Tonopah, Nevada. All stones are cut from their natural state that are then shaped and polished. This is all done by hand so each stone gets individual attention. Once the stone has been completed, it will be set into Sterling or Fine Silver on the sides and back, as silver is a natural commodity of Nevada. The Sterling Silver band completes it as a ring. Sometimes we leave an irregular area in the stone to authenticate it's natural state.

Each item is one of a kind, which makes it unique to the person wearing it. Gemstones come in many colors, such as turquoise, purple, green, blue, browns or white. Many have multiple colors in one stone. Fingers come in a variety of sizes and shapes and we try to accommodate all areas. The stones also vary in size and shape for each ring, so we try to match the sizes of stones to appropriate ring sizes.