Sometimes we don't know what can go together. Here are some ideas of various stones that have been matched with necklace sets, Pendants and Rings.

Let your imagination work for you and soon you will have a beautiful set of jewelry that no one but you will own and no one will ever be able to duplicate.

Some stones are so unique in color, design or shape and there is nothing like it. Some stones are very similar in color or style, but never exact. Pairing can be done with different stones and styles or same stones with different colors. A short necklace can have a large pendant that is worn below it. A long necklace can have a small stone worn above it. Some necklaces can have the pendant worn at the same length. Necklace sets all have earrings and some even have bracelets to match.

Be creative and select beautiful gemstone jewelry that was handmade in Reno Nevada USA to give a special look.

If you are looking for a gift, this is a perfect idea for that special person. You can match Birthstones, State Stones or just looking for a particular color, we have it all.

Gift Cards can also be used and you can let someone select what they want, if you are not sure what to get them.

If you do find a group you like together, it is recommended you do not hesitate to order it, as things do get sold and will disappear forever.