Everyone uses boxes and we have plenty of them!! We have a large inventory of all boxes shown on this website. We also have plain boxes in larger sizes without any design silkscreened on them. Some will hold 3 bottles of wine, for example, and have a cardboard insert.

The boxes are high quality wood made from poplar wood. The surface is very smooth, just like paper. The weight is very light. Poplar wood is so smooth it is easy to paint on and create your own design or start with one we have silkscreened onto the box. The boxes came from Germany. The 4" x 5-1/2" box is perfect to hold masks, Bolos, pens, candies, keys, small toys, or even small bottles of jellies or soaps. A small napkin or pretty paper could be placed inside to make it even more unique.

We offer 3 designs that have been silkscreened onto our small box.

A Teddy Bear waving has a nice lacquer coating to protect the surface. It can be kept as is, or perhaps a bouquet of flowers could be glued to his hand to give it a special touch.

We have a Monarch Butterfly box with a thin coat of lacquer. This box can be kept as it is or it could have a garden painted around it. The Monarch butterfly swarms to Monterey California every year.

A cypress tree has been silkscreened in black, but no lacquer has been applied so it can be further enhanced with an ocean or greens around it. The Cypress tree depicted here was on the California Coast in Monterey.

We have a good inventory of these boxes, so you may order as many as you want, as long as we still have them. Once they are sold, they will be gone forever, never able to be reproduced again.