All items we offer are created and handmade in Reno Nevada USA.

Everything is unique and one of a kind and can not be duplicated, as each stone is unique when we cut it. We never know what we will get until we cut the rock and make it into a gemstone. The shapes are created by the natural configuration of each stone, so nothing is the same. We try to find the most interesting part of each stone before we begin working on it.

Many of the stones we mined in Nevada and neighboring states. The polished gemstones have Sterling or fine silver custom made on the sides and back to create beautiful pendants, rings, bolos and other fine jewelry.

Some of the Stones that come from Nevada are: Turquoise, White Buffalo, Opals, Agates, Chrysocolla, Quartz, Petrified Wood, Jasper, and Onyx. Many of these stones are also birthstones or state stones.

Great care is taken to be sure every product we offer is of the highest quality.

The necklace sets are made using high quality gemstones with multiple colors and configurations. We try to vary the lengths and styles of each necklace set so they are unique and the person wearing it knows it is one of a kind. We can change lengths and create similar sets if the stones are available.