All gemstone items we offer are one of a kind and handcrafted in Reno, Nevada USA. The turquoise comes from Tonopah, Nevada. Some opals are from Nevada and Idaho. Fossilized corals, petrified woods, jaspers, agates and other stones are from Nevada. Some stones are specific to particular states or are State Stones, such as the Colorado State Stone is Rhodochrosite. Texas State Stone is Fossilized Palmwood. Michigan State Stone is Petoskey. New Mexico State Stone is Turquoise. All stones are cut, polished and completed in Reno NV by hand.

Great care is taken to be sure every product we offer is of the highest quality in all areas. The owner of any product created by us can be proud it was MADE in USA!

Necklace set items are created from high quality gemstones in multiple colors and configurations. If multiple sets of one type of stone are requested, they can usually be made with enough notice. Weddings, meetings or other events usually request sets made with the same stone and style.