Multiple Sets of similar or same gemstone Necklaces are possible.

Earrings and Bracelets can also be created in same design as a necklace.

Layering or Pairing of Pendant, Ring, Necklace or Bolo together looks fantastic. They can also be used as matching sets for weddings, bridesmaids, ushers or even organization officers.

MULTIPLE NECKLACES: Necklaces using the same gemstone designs can be created, but should be in enough advance time to be sure we have the stones in inventory. The lengths can be the same or different, but all within a similar range to have the same prices.

MULTIPLE BOLOS: Multiple Similar Bolos can be created using similar stones, but the shapes and colors of the stones used might have some variations, as each stone is one of a kind.

Bolos are all made with real leather cords and Fine Silver on the backs. The tips and sides of the stones are either Fine Silver or Sterling Silver. The lengths of the cords are usually 42" long, but different lengths can be ordered. The colors of the cords are also flexible.

MULTIPLE SETS: Multiple Sets of many of our items are perfect for Brides, Bridesmaids or other events where the same color or necklace set is requested. The Bolos in multiple sets are wonderful gifts for ushers or to match the colors of the wedding or event. Many occasions require same or similar gemstones to complete the look of the event.

Pendants and Rings may also be ordered in multiple quantities, but enough time must be given to be sure we have items available to be cut and polished if they are to be the same stone and similar shapes and settings.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts may be offered for multiple items. The discount is determined by the item and number of pieces ordered.