Bolos are created with a variety of natural stones from around the world. All stones are cut following their natural state, shaped and polished by hand. Once the stone has been completed, it has a band of Sterling or Fine Silver on the sides and back. Sometimes an irregular area is kept in the polished stone to verify anything we create is made from a natural stone.

The stones used in bolos are usually larger than stones used for pendants. The selection of stones and treatment of the stones for bolos is the same as it is in pendant.

The cords are genuine leather with Sterling Silver tips at the end. The leather used comes in several thicknesses.

Each item is one of a kind. Gemstones come in many colors and many have multiple colors in the same stone.

Multiple bolos of similar stones can be created for special occasions

The photos of each item tries to show the stone as it actually is in the setting, from different angles and often with a different color background. The use of coins next to the item gives a good idea of the actual size of the ring for pendant, for example.