Dendrite from Utah
Sterling Fine Silver Pendant
Item #DEN2


Dendrite natural stone unique pendant necklace handcrafted Reno NV USA One of a kind Nature painted Christmas Birthday Anniversary Wedding Special Occsion
This beautiful unique Dendrite Gemstone Pendant design is all done by nature although it looks like it was painted. Every dendrite stone has its' own design and personality. This pendant was handcrafted in Reno NV USA. This beautiful stone is long and slender, to give it a very special look and will receive many compliments to the person wearing it. This beautiful stone has It has Sterling silver on the sides and Fine Silver on the back. This unique pendant is approximately 2-1/4" x 1, about the length of a US Quarter, Nickel and Dime. This unique one of a kind pendent is perfect for Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion.