Fossilized Peat from Australia
Silver Bolo
Item #BO FPM

Price: $152.00

This beautiful Green and White Fossilized Peat Stone makes a unique bolo to be worn at many occasions. The stone came from Africa and appears to have a crack, but that is a part of the natural formation of this unique and beautiful stone. The stone was cut, polished and completed by hand in Reno NV USA. This unique light green and white fossilized peat natural stone bolo has a tan leather cord 42" long with Sterling Silver tips. The green and white unique stone is about 2-1/2" high. This unique bolo is perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, wedding or other occasion. This unique fossilized peat stone bolo could be paired with a Ring or Pendant to make a one of a kind set. Multiple bolos can be created with similar stones and makes perfect gift for wedding ushers or other event.
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