Pendant Charoite from Utah
Sterling Fine Silver Photo

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These photos show many types of various gemstone Pendants we have in inventory that came from different areas. It takes many hours to cut and polish each stone by hand. The top purple stones are Charoite from Siberia and Tiffany from Utah, Amethyst and Leopodite. The blue Lapis Lazuli came from Argentina. The blue serpentine comes from desert areas. By having all these larger gemstones together, it shows the variety of possibilities in different types of gemstones with similar colors. All pendants were handmade in Reno NV USA and the silver was custom made for each pendant.

These photo shows the approximate size of the gemstones in comparison to other gemstone pendants of similar sizes, so when each is like in comparison to other Pendants. The colors or types are grouped together.

Not all Pendants on these trays have been published on the website and some we have in inventory are not shown here. If you see something you like, please send us an email and we will try to answer your questions.

We hope this makes it easier for you to decide which Pendant you would like to be the proud owner of or for a gift you would like to give.

This is a special discount being offered this year for the holidays. 15% Discount if you buy $50.00 or more for a beautiful handmade in USA Real Gemstone Jewelry Item. This discount has never been offered before.