Amethyst from Desert
Sterling Fine Silver Matching Ensemble
Item #AMY SET 1 2

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To help you see how a group of various items can be put together to make a unique matching set, we are showing a group of Amethyst Gemstones in a Pendant and Necklace Group as a set.

This Purple Amethyst Pendant and Necklace Set include a bracelet and earrings. The purple amethyst stones have some white highlights to make the stones more outstanding. They would make a perfect gift knowing the Amethyst gemstones in the pendants were cut and polished by hand in Reno Nevada USA. Once polished, the gemstones were given custom silver on the sides and back. Amethyst is the birthstone for February.. >/p>

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These gemstone items can be purchased as a complete set, or individually. If you wish to purchase these items as a set, a 10% discount may be taken when you check out. These pendants and necklaces can be inter changed, if you prefer a different match. If you buy 2 gemstone items of any kind at the same time, you may also take a 10% discount.

This is a special discount being offered this year for the holidays. 15% Discount if you buy $50.00 or more for a beautiful handmade in USA Real Gemstone Jewelry Item. This discount has never been offered before.