Citrine from Desert
Sterling Fine Silver Matching Pair
Item #CIT SET1

To help you see how a group of various items can be put together to make a unique matching set, we are showing a group of Citrine, Black Onyx and Obsidian Gemstones as a set. This shows that not all pairing has to be the same stones, but can be mixed.

This Yellow Citrine with Black Onyx Necklaces can be made as a matching set with a long and short Necklace, Bracelet and 2 Sets of Earrings which can be paired with an obsidian Ring to make a beautiful and unique set that can never be duplicated. The Obsidian gemstones in the ring were cut and polished by hand in Reno Nevada USA. It was then given custom silver on the sides and back. All items shown here were created in Reno Nevada USA. Even though the necklace beads were not cut in Reno, the long necklace citrine beads were kept in natural forms to create a unique look with the highlight of the black onyx beads. >/p>

The details on each item can be found under their respective categories using the part numbers referred to beneath the picture.

These gemstone items can be purchased as a complete set, or individually. If you wish to purchase these items as a set, a 10% discount may be taken when you check out. If you buy 2 gemstone items of any kind at the same time, you may also take a 10% discount.